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One of the things I enjoy most about my job is helping parents when they need medical advice. Being a parent is a rollercoaster ride of unsolicited advice from everyone who crosses your path. But your local pharmacy is an invaluable place to get trustworthy advice day and night. Here’s 7 ways your Calanna pharmacy can help you through your pregnancy and early parenting days.

  1. Firstly, let our naturopaths help you find the right mix of pre-conception supplements. There are certain supplements recommended for all women trying to conceive, and others that are helpful depending on your medical history. A naturopath appointment can be particularly valuable if you are struggling to conceive.
  2. Supplements can also be helpful during pregnancy. Again, there are certain things we will recommend to all women and others only to certain people. If your doctor recommends an iron or calcium supplement, let us help you find one that will give you what you need with the least side effects.
  3. Do you know what medications you can and can’t take once pregnant? How do you treat a head cold? Your allergies? That pesky pregnancy reflux? One of the things that Calanna takes pride in is the accessibility of our pharmacists. We pick up the phone, we walk out to the shop, we’ll chat with you in store. If you need advice we’re always there to help.
  4. If you are someone who already takes regular medication, have you thought about using our free medication packing service? Having a newborn can be overwhelming but with our easy medication packs there will be one less thing on your mind.
  5. Have you downloaded our MedAdvisor app? You can pre-order and even pre-pay for your medications from home while your little one is napping. Perfect for cutting down your instore time with your new baby.
  6. Did you know most of our stores deliver? Some stores have delivery multiple days a week, which means that if you call early enough we may even be able to deliver the same day. That means less time in the car with a crying baby and more time relaxing at home.
  7. Finally, we’re open when your doctor is not and you don’t need an appointment. There are many quirks of pregnancy and the post-partum period that can be solved by your pharmacist. Just pop in or pick up the phone and we can help.