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  • Don’t leave it too late  

Most women understand that fertility declines with age but did you know that by 35, a women’s fertility is 50% of what it was in her early 20’s? Combine this with any number of the following factors that reduce your fertility and you may have trouble conceiving.

  • Your hormones need to be just right  

Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome are two of the leading causes of infertility in Australia. Hormonal imbalance can make conception or maintaining a pregnancy difficult too. If you have irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, menstrual pain or PMS, herbal and nutritional medicine can bring your hormones back into balance.

  • Your lifestyle makes a big difference  

Studies show that smoking, excessive caffeine intake, alcohol and lack of social activity can increase the time it takes to achieve a pregnancy. Combine just 3 of these factors between a couple and the time to pregnancy is 4 times longer! Naturopathy can help you with strategies to cut back.

  • Stress can impact on your fertility  

There is no aspect of our health that isn’t affected by stress! Stress can disrupt the reproductive hormones involved in ovulation and maintaining a pregnancy. During pregnancy, stress can also have permanent negative outcomes for the developing child. There are safe and effective natural treatments to help with managing stress.

  • Timing is everything  

An ovum only survives 12-24 hours so getting the timing right is important. In a recent study, 68% of women reported they knew when they were fertile but in fact, only 13% did. Natural Fertility Awareness teaches you how to correctly identify ovulation and when conception is most likely, maximising your chance of pregnancy.


The right medical advice along with complementary medicine can help assist the improvement of your fertility. Talk to one of our experienced practitioners to point you in the right direction.


The author of this piece, Jana, is a trained Natural Fertility Educator and Naturopath at Calanna Woree, offering Nutritional and Herbal Medicine as well as diet and lifestyle advice to maximize your fertility. Make a booking with her today!