Is your health stopping you from living your best life? Investigate it with a Calanna Naturopath


Don’t let your health stop you from doing the things you love.


Are you...

  • Doing less because you have no energy?
  • Frustrated about not being able to get to the root of your health problems?
  • Tired of getting band-aid solutions that only fix your problems temporarily?
  • Tired of feeling tired?
  • Worried that your weight isn’t what you need it to be?

We can help & support you to get your health back on track with issues like:

Cardiovascular (heart) Health



Hormonal Imbalances


Digestion & Gut Health

Stress & Sleep Disorders


Allergies & Skin Conditions

Degenerative Illnesses

Prevention & Healthy Ageing

Immunity & Energy

Calanna Pharmacy Naturopath’s help people just like you, everyday.


Action plans based on your unique health, helping you better achieve your goals


Works in harmony with Pharmacists and GP’s to safely integrate natural and western medicines


Through your journey to leading a healthier life with long-term health and prevention strategies

It’s not forever!

Whilst we’d love to keep seeing you, we give you solutions you can implement & improve your life in as little appointments as possible.

Although we do recommend a yearly check-up so we can make any changes if necessary.

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At Calanna Pharmacy, we know the importance of natural health


Calanna Whole Health was the first pharmacy in Northern Australia to introduce an integrated approach to pharmacy through a whole health model. We employed our first Naturopath to work on a full-time basis within the Cairns, Woree Chemist in the 1990’s. Our pharmacies were also home to the first internal clinic offering a range of services for people of all ages.

We continue to operate as a leader in our field – always looking to expand our whole health product and service range in line with what people are looking for in natural treatments, natural products, health foods and natural services. The pharmacy group of 11 pharmacies in Queensland now proudly employ a host of practitioners to provide natural and complimentary services.

Our Naturopaths are all qualified and come from a range of different health backgrounds. 


Meet Our Naturopaths

Calanna pharmacy Naturopaths jana image


Naturopath at Woree

Jana holds a Bachelor Degree in Health Science and has over 10 years of clinical experience. Jana has special interests in reproductive health, IBS, the role of diet and the microbiome in autoimmunity, mood disorders and sustainable weight loss. She is committed to ensuring her clients get results while still enjoying their lives to the fullest. In keeping with the latest scientific and industry developments, Jana is passionate about delivering the highest standard of individualised treatments, integrating allopathic and natural medicines to achieve the best possible outcomes for her clients.
Calanna pharmacy Naturopaths karen image


Naturopath at Cairns North

Karen is a fully qualified Naturopath/Nutritionist and Herbalist. She is passionate about herbs, essential oils and good foods! Her experience includes working in a Hospital kitchen working with special diets, managing a Health Retreat Kitchen where she created specific dietary programs for clients and also as Naturopath in health food settings.
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Naturopath at Kirwan

Kym has 20 years experience in Naturopathic practice and is a qualified Herbalist, Naturopath, Iridologist as well as being a Certified GAPS Practitioner. Her special interests include digestive conditions, autoimmune diseases, women and children’s health. Kym especially loves creating personalised herbal formulas and health plans for her clients to help them get their health back on track.

How We Can Help You

Initial Consult

We would love to see you for an initial consult where we can hear your health story and get to know you. From there, we can formulate a personalised plan to help you reach your health goals based on everything from your lifestyle, preferences, current medication and more.

MyDNA Testing

MyDNA is a genetic testing company that specialises in providing information to help people optimise their health. Once you have supplied your DNA sample through the easy test kit in store at Calanna, we send the sample off to an accredited test lab which uses your DNA to produce a customised report on how your body will best respond to diet and exercise or medicine. That gives you and your healthcare professionals a report that holds lifelong relevance.

Food Sensitivity Detection Test

Identifies food-specific IgG antibodies to 48 foods which may be associated with a wide range of low-grade or chronic symptoms such as excess respiratory mucus, joint pain or weakness, mild digestive or skin symptoms, headaches, brain fog, behavioural or mood changes.

The Body Comp Analysis

Body composition analysis helps you reach your health goals by assessing your fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat and hydration with a personalised report of your results.

Products We Love!

Start building the foundation for your health today with the help of our Naturopath’s.

In 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Book a Consultation

Let’s get to know each other and we’ll let you know how we can help you moving forward.

Step 2: Create a personalised plan

We’ll design a tailor-made strategy for you, that will assist you in achieving your health goals. We will do some simple tests, ask some questions, and get your health goals on paper.

Step 3: Put the plan into action

This plan is more than a medical approach, it’s a lifestyle for you to feel better, for longer. We’ll support you every step of the way.
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Worried about your health?

We know what it’s like

The Calanna family know first hand what it’s like to have a severe medical problem like cancer, a chronic disease like IBS or diabetes, anaphylactic allergies, and even chronic pain. They believe in traditional medicine, but also know that the Calanna naturopaths and the integration of natural medicines have helped their lives & dealing with these health issues significantly. That is why Calanna Whole Health pharmacy provide some of the best natural health products available, we custom make medicines for those who need them, and we even even created our very own line of Mario’s Range to help people live their best lives.

Our passion is to help people who are unwell get better, but also to prevent people from being sick in the first place and this is where our naturopaths and natural medicines help us with this mission. 

If you are worried about your health, and you need a customised approach to help you, we are here to guide you. 

Give us a call, or drop in store and one of our friendly team would love to help you feel your best with real solutions. 

– Mario Calanna


5 benefits of seeing our Naturopath’s



We want everyone to have access to great health care, that’s why our appointments are affordable



Got a busy schedule? We can do online appointments at your convenience – just ask us!


Try it

Naturopathy is for everyone – not just the free spirited. We help people with a range of problems.



We help with a wide range of issues and we help you get to the root with real solutions.



Whilst we’d love to keep seeing you, we want to improve your life in as few appointments as possible.