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5 ways a Naturopath can help you get to the bottom of your gut issues

Causes of poor gut health can be many and varied. There are a wide range of symptoms and each person can experience a different mix of these symptoms. So it stands to reason that each person will need a tailored approach to treatment. Naturopaths, as experts in how diet and environment impact on your health, are perfectly placed to provide a unique treatment plan for each person, and they have the space to listen to the real problems you are facing. Here are 5 ways a naturopath can help you find the source of your gut issues.

  1. Naturopaths can take a comprehensive look at your current diet and make recommendations. A diet with balanced micro and macro nutrients for you, and prebiotic fibers for your microbiome is essential to gut health. Several gut conditions are known to respond well to certain changes in diet, your naturopath can explain how.
  2. Gut health problems can result from far more than dietary imbalances. A good naturopath will also look at how genetics, stress and lifestyle could be impacting on your gut health.
  3. Naturopaths have access to a large range of specific probiotics for specific conditions. Probiotics (good bacteria for your gut) are foundational for good gut health. But different strains are useful in different situations. The probiotic best for a short term stomach bug is very different to the one needed to treat a chronic condition. Naturopaths have access to the latest research on probiotics and can find the one best suited to you.
  4. Naturopaths can help you identify if your symptoms are due to food sensitivities which are detectable with testing. It is worth noting that testing may not be the first thing that your naturopath will recommend, but can be helpful if you’re struggling to identify the issues.
  5. Finally, naturopaths can also request a hydrogen/methane breath test. This can help identify if your IBS symptoms are due to a problem with how your gut absorbs certain sugars or whether your symptoms are reversible with treatment. The results of a breath test can be very beneficial for informing dietary recommendations.