Gaining Access To Medicinal Cannabis

You may have heard about Medicinal Cannabis and wondering if this product is right for you or a loved one, and how to get it.

The first step is to speak to your doctor about your health concerns and determine whether or not medicinal cannabis is suitable for your needs. Medicinal cannabis is currently unapproved in Australia which means it has not been assessed for quality, safety or effectiveness by Therapeutic Goods of Australia (TGA). In some cases there aren’t any approved medicines to meet a patients needs, which is why doctors can now make an online application to the TGA for special access to these medicines. . If the application is successful, your doctor will hear back within two business days with a Special Access Scheme form which will enable your prescribing doctor to write a prescription for one of these medicines.

Like most pharmacies, Calanna Pharmacy does not stock Medicinal Cannabis so an order will be placed for you. Also keep in mind unapproved medicines are not subsidised by the government. Getting a subscription from your doctor and ordering medicinal cannabis through your pharmacy is the legal way to gain access. If you buy online you could be breaking the law and receive an unsafe product.

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