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Seeking a natural solution to your health shouldn’t cost you the earth.

At Calanna we believe in traditional medicine, but we also know the integration of natural medicines can help with health issues significantly.

That is why we provide some of the best natural health products available. We custom make medicines for those who need them, and we’ve even created our very own line with the help of our on-site Naturopaths, Mario’s Range.

Our passion is to help people who are unwell feel better, and get better, but also to prevent people from being sick in the first place and this is where our naturopaths and natural medicines help us with this mission.

If you are worried about your health, and you need a customised approach to help you, we are here to guide you.

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Adults, Kids and Pets range available

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Made in-house by our experienced Naturopaths

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Mario’s range uses blends of essential oils and herbs to create creams and ointments, tonics & sprays, to help people with a range of issues.Whether you need Mario’s Muscle Ache cream or our natural Head Lice management products, we have a products for a range of issues. Mario’s essential oils and blends provide a broad range of functional and mood setting aromas for your home. We also have a kids and pets range too! If you are wanting high-quality, 100% natural alternatives that are safe for the whole family to use, look no further.


Over 30 essential oils to choose from. Over 50% cheaper than others on the market.

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From anti-viral to immune tonics, cough tonics to liver tonics, hair skin & nail tonics, to sleep and stress tonics- we have a tonic for lots of conditions.

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Whether you have an itch, an ache, or a you’re suffering from menopause, infertility, or menstrual problems-we have a range of creams for lots of conditions.

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Whether you want a natural deodorant, room deodoriser, lice preventer, or body spritzer we have a range of beautiful sprays you will love.

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Why I created My very own range of natural health products.

When I turned 40 I noticed my energy levels weren’t the same – I was more tired and I didn’t feel quite right. I had always had a healthy diet and active lifestyle but something was off balance. Like we all do, I visited the doctor for some blood tests. When the results came back normal, I wanted to investigate further and made an appointment to see a local Naturopath. The recommendations she provided soon had mr feeling better than ever. The experience was a revelation for me as I wanted to provide everyone with that same breadth of health support through my pharmacies. I brought on my first Naturopath as a full-time health practitioner in Woree pharmacy in Cairns some twenty years ago. Our partnership was dynamic and then Mario’s range was born. Over the years, me and my expert team have built a comprehensive range of essential oil blends, tonics, creams and sprays. Several of the products are now listed with the Therapeutic Goods Association and the entire range has made it into more than 100,000 Queensland homes. I hope these products help you with your health as much as they have helped me with mine.


Several of our products are listed with the Therapeutic Goods Association.

Over 100,000 people have tried and loved our products. If you don’t we will give you back your money no questions asked.

Our Products Can Help With:

Natural Deodorants

Head lice prevention

Muscle Aches


Immune Boosting


Pet health


Infections & Rashes

Migraines & Pain

Liver issues

Skin conditions

Hair & Nails

Bad Smells

Sleep Issues