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June 22, 2021

7 Reasons why Gut Health in Children is Important

Gut health seems to be the latest fad trend in wellness. But it is also a rapidly growing field in medical research. Supporting gut health should be focussed around good…
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June 1, 2021

9 symptoms often mistaken for IBS

9 symptoms often mistaken for IBS Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is characterised by recurrent abdominal pain linked to bowel movements, and a change in the frequency or presentation of bowel…
Calanna-Pharmacy-do-you-have-a-natural-food-chemical-allergy-or-intoleranceGeneral HealthGut Health
March 29, 2021

Do you have a natural food chemical allergy or intolerance?

Food intolerance is a general term used to describe an adverse reaction to certain types of foods. An intolerance to Salicylates is a relatively common condition which can be managed…
tips-to-help-you-manage-your-gut-healthGut Health
March 26, 2021

7 tips to help you manage your gut health

There are many ways we can help to improve our gut health and manage our digestive issues. Here are some tips to get you started. 1. Lower your stress levels,…
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March 19, 2021

Food Intolerance Symptoms and Treatments

Food Intolerance is defined as any illness or abnormality in the body that is connected to the ingestion of a particular food or dietary substance. This usually applies to foods which…
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March 19, 2021

All About Gut Health

Good gut health scientifically linked to disease prevention Calanna supports gut health through specialist services and products Did you know your gut is as unique as your fingerprint and that…
Calanna-whole-health-pharmacy-most-common-digestive-problems-and-their-symptomsGut Health
February 23, 2021

6 most common symptoms of digestive problems

The gut microbiome is a frequently heard of and discussed term that is brandied about in ever-widening circles. Microbiome means the environment and its inhabitants, although research is discovering a…
calanna-whole-health-pharmacy-top-tips-for-gut-healthGut Health
February 19, 2021

7 top tips for great gut health

What we’re feeding ourselves may be less important than what we’re feeding our microbiota. Looking after your gut goes beyond maintaining good digestion.  The health of our gut depends on…
calanna-whole-health-pharmacy-investigating-food-intolerancesGut Health
July 18, 2020

Investigating food intolerances

Dear Jana, I suffer from bloating and occasional diarrhoea. I think it’s caused by what I’m eating but I’m not sure. Is it possible I have food intolerance? While it…