Let’s work together to help your patient improve their health.

We understand that keeping up with the ever changing landscape of medications for busy doctors can be a challenge.

We also know many patients need a doctor they can trust and a pharmacy that can support them, especially if they have a chronic condition, or are managing multiple medications. 

We’re here to help. 

We believe everyone should have access to great healthcare, that’s why our MedsCheck, Medication Packing and Click & Collect delivery services are completely free.
Our face to face dispensing model means your patients can chat directly to our Pharmacists for any further questions they may have forgotten to ask you.

For over 45 years, our goal has been to help people with their health, we’d love you to Choose Calanna to be part of your patients health care team.

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Together we can improve your patients health

Once your patients leave your clinic, we can help them with a multitude of services.

It’s easy for your patients to book in for any of these services. Simply give them a copy of the PDF for each service, and ensure your details are on the form and we will update you.

FREE Medication Packing

If your patients are tired of thinking about what medications to take when and organising them into doses, we can help. We can package their medications into easy tear open packets that they can take with them wherever they go giving absolute quality control of their medication.
This saves your patient time and convenience
They’ll never miss a medicine dose again!

Diabetes Support

Calanna is a registered provider for the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) as a community pharmacy. That means we provide support services and specialist products for
people with diabetes.

Chronic Pain Support

PainWISE is a pharmacy specific service developed to support people living with persistent pain within the community. It is the first Pharmacy Professional Service program for pain management that is available conveniently within pharmacies and we have trained staff in most of our locations to support your patients with this service.

Compression Garment Fittings

Only available at Calanna Whole Health in Kirwin Townsville-we have an in store Nurse available to fit the right compression stocking properly the first time. Whether your patient has already purchased a compression garment or still needs to do so, we not only provide advice and fittings but we also stock a wide range of clinical compression garments to help better manage your patients circulation. GP’s can refer patients to have their garment fitted or refitted.

Medication Compounding

In Calanna Woree, we have specifically trained and qualified compounding pharmacists who tailor medicines and treatments for individuals based on their particular needs. Your patient may be allergic to a dye or preservative or require a different dosage blend or dosage form than can be purchased off the shelf. Our trained and qualified professionals can blend prescribed ingredients in our medical compounding lab in Cairns to create personal, customised medicines and treatments that suit you.

Medication Checks & Home Medication Review

Get clarity on all of your medication questions, find out if your medications are working as best as possible for you, and get an action plan on how to best manage your medications.

MyDNA Practitioner Edition Tests

The MyDNA practitioner edition test helps identify which medications are most suited to your unique DNA. Results are valid for life even when new medications come onto the market your profile will be updated. Maximise medication benefits and minimise side effects. Chat with your pharmacists and a Naturopath to discuss results and action plan report for your Doctor.


Our Naturopaths help and support people to get their health back on track with issues like cardiovascular health, menopause, weight, hormonal imbalance, fertility, digestion & gut health stress & sleep disorders, migraines, allergies & skin conditions, degenerative illnesses, prevention & healthy ageing and immunity and energy. They work closely with you to create a personalised plan that integrates natural & western medicines which will help them achieve their health goals.


An e-script is a digital version of a prescription – paperless and convenient. At the consultation with your doctor you may be asked
whether you would like to receive a paper script or an e-script. If you choose the e-script option, you will be sent a link via email or SMS.
This link will allow you to view your prescription which will be a QR code, and then you can add it to your Medadvisor app.

Click & Collect

We understand that you’re busy and sometimes, you just can’t make it into the pharmacy or don’t have the time to wait around. By signing up to Calanna’s Click & Collect, your scripts can be ordered online, and ready when you need to collect them, or we can
deliver them to your door. You can also ask for an e-script from your doctor - a paperless version you can add to the MedAdvisor app.

Staged Supply

Calanna Pharmacy can now work with your Doctor to offer “Staged Supply”.
This is a service we provide that involves the Pharmacist supplying medicines in periodic instalments at an agreed time interval. This service is useful if you find it difficult to take the correct amount of your medicines, especially if you are trying to decrease the dose of a certain medication.



Patients can sign up for FREE to Calanna’s Whole Health Club for 10% back on every non-prescription purchase, regular reward dollars and $1 back for every PBS concessional prescription*.


Patients can sign up to the MedAdvisor App, make Calanna your trusted pharmacy for online ordering, receive script reminders, you can pay in advance then click and collect in pharmacy or we can do free home delivery!


Our 10 pharmacies across Queensland have convenient opening hours to ensure we can support your patient in their time of need.

Medication Mishaps

We have their medication history to ensure they aren’t taking medicines that interact negatively together.


We can help when they’ve lost or missed a script

Saving Money

We help them get the most from the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme.

If you'd like to know more about our services, feel free to contact us anytime