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DNA analysis is a growing field of science. New evidence comes to light every day about the meaning of specific genes results, and how they can help guide our lifestyle choices.

Now, a new frontier of genetic testing can tell you how to eat the right way for your DNA. Each person’s DNA is different, so a diet that works for one person may not work for you.

A trial-and-error approach to dieting can waste so much time. You might have to try several diets before you find one that works. And it can be extremely frustrating. Especially if you follow a strict diet, lose weight and then put it straight back on as soon as the diet’s over.

A myDNA Nutrition Report from Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy can help you to find the right diet for you, for the long term.

The personalised recommendations found in each myDNA report are based on a thorough review of relevant worldwide scientific literature related to your genes. A team of experts in a quality controlled Australian lab interpret findings from these studies and simplify the information in user friendly, actionable format.

Each report includes a section specifically compiled for healthcare professionals. This provides an evidence rating system and clinical references. This means you can share your personal results with your doctor, nutritionist, or even your personal trainer, to seek further advice.

Any results generated remain strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third parties without your consent.

And for the month of February if you bring a friend you get two tests for the price of one.

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