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This year has been a rollercoaster ride. There’s been so many ups and downs. We’ve all had to learn new skills, new terminology, new ways to interact and maintain relationships. We’ve learnt how to wash our hands like a surgeon, what social distancing means, we’ve practised elbow bumps and heel taps and air fives while we’ve zoomed, facetimed, skyped and conference called. How are you feeling as Christmas looms? I think most people can sum it up in one word, weary. Now there is medical fatigue, which can be a sign of a real problem. But what if you’re just feeling a little run down? We’ve put together a list of the five signs that you’ve got low energy.

1. Feeling tired

This is the most obvious of the signs that you’ve got low energy. You might feel tired even after a good night’s sleep or maybe it’s the three o’clock slump that gets you. Fatigue can be consistent or intermittent. Maybe you find yourself longing for bed at 5pm.

2. Moodiness

This will look different for different people. Maybe you’re impatient with the person in front of you at the traffic lights. Or fuming when someone goes through the self-checkout with a whole trolley. Perhaps you find yourself snapping at your kids or significant other. Rapid changes in moods can be a sign you’re having a bad day, or it could be a sign of something deeper.

3. Headaches

Physical fatigue and lack of sleep are common triggers for headaches, dizziness and even migraines. If you’re dealing with more headaches than normal it might be a sign you’re battling low energy.

4. Brain fog

Have you ever sat down to finish a job and found yourself distractedly staring out the window? Or walked into a room and forgotten what you needed there? Perhaps you went to the grocery store and walked out with an arm full of groceries but not the milk you so desperately needed. Brain fog, or the inability to concentrate, is another sign of low energy levels.

5. Low motivation

Finally, low energy levels can also lead to low motivation. You might know you need to get something done but you just can’t find the momentum to get it started. It might be cleaning the house, working on your assignment, calling your Aunt Susan or finally fixing that broken door.

So, now that we’ve identified the signs of low energy, what should you do about it? Check back soon for our top tips on boosting your energy levels naturally.