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Have you ever trained hard at something only to have a friend outperform you with little to no training? I know some people who can run a marathon with only a few weeks preparation. And others who can lift more than their body weight. How do you know what sport is best for you? Ever wished there was a test? A look into your genetic insights can help you target your training and improve your performance.

Muscle power

Are you a sprinter or an endurance sports person? Your muscle power determines your ability to produce explosive movements which take a lot of power, like weight lifting.

Muscle strength

This is a measure of your ability to build and maintain muscle strength. Knowing how your genes affect your muscle strength can predict how your body will respond to strength training – revealing how much strength training you’ll need to get a good result.

Muscle energy

Our genes encode certain proteins that are needed for the production of energy in our muscles. This is can help understand the impacts of high intensity training as well as expected fatigue levels and recovery times


Understanding how your genes impact on your muscle composition can help understand if you are suited to longer endurance training or whether such exercise will be a great stress for your body (eg. long distance swimming)

Recovery time

Knowing whether you are more likely to experience muscle soreness after intense exercise can help you plan a better exercise program. If you require more recovery time after a big work out session you’ll know to take it easy for the next few days.


How flexible are you really? Genetics predict your flexibility based on the structure of collagen in your muscles. This will help you understand if you are more prone to ligament or tendon injury.

Injury risk

Knowing how your muscles are structured and supported can provide a useful warning for those most likely to suffer tendon damage. Joint stiffness and muscle cramping can also be predicted through the testing procedure.

Whether you’re training for your first 5km, the swim leg of a triathlon or a full Iron Man, the insights presented by a MyDNA test can help you dial up your training and finally reach your fitness goals. Every test comes with a comprehensive, personalised report that explains your unique genetic code and provides suggestions for you to improve your training.