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It’s already a drier than expected September with no heavy rain forecast for the foreseeable future – the perfect weather for bush fires which bring the dangers of bush fire smoke.

The Queensland Department of Fire and Rescue are warning people that the likelihood of fire is high right across the state and which we are already seeing the signs of.

With so much smoke in the air and the potential for more what are the potential health hazards you should be mindful of?

Will it affect me?

If you’re not in a high risk group and are otherwise in good health you will be OK. Apart from dry eyes and throat there should be no impact on your health overall.

However if you already have issues with your lungs things can become extremely difficult around fire season. Conditions like lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, asthma or emphysema can rapidly worsen during high smoke periods.

Add to that a cardio vascular issue and you will need to take extreme caution.

The inflammatory response to smoke inhalation occurs body-wide through the bloodstream which can lead to heart issues and stroke.

What are the best health tips during fire season?

If the bush fire is near you get as far away as you can. If it is not right on your doorstep just stay inside and key the doors and windows closed to minimise the haze and smoke from entering the house.

If you are in one of the high-risk groups listed above monitor your health closely and be prepared to head to the Dr or hospital early. need to keep an eye on their health and seek medical advice early.

You can also download the AirRater app which tells you when smoke levels are going up by sending you a notification.

Once the smoke clears and the fires have gone – open your house up again to let the fresh air give it a good clean out.

Health Support

Don’t forget if you have any questions or non urgent health issues you can always pop into a Calanna Whole-health Pharmacy and talk with one of our highly trained Pharmacists, Naturopaths or Pharmacy Assistants. We are open late 7 days and you don’t need an appointment. If you have something more urgent make sure you go to see your local GP or head to the ED if it is an emergency.

13health is also a great resource to get some over the phone advice on minor ailments.