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1. Re-current Cold’s & Flu

Are you getting multiple colds or viruses throughout the year? Just as one cold goes you feel like you’re coming down with another. If your immune system is weak you will be susceptible to every cold or flu circulating. The body’s defences are not strong enough to protect you from every microbe you encounter.

2. Frequent Infections

Bacterial, Viral, Fungal, Parasitic

3. Wounds are slow to heal 

If you have a wound, you need a strong immune system to prevent infection getting into it. When a wound becomes infected, the progression of the wound healing phases become hindered. When harmful bacteria enter the wound and begin to multiply, the inflammation phase is prolonged and the healthy clotting mechanism is interrupted. White blood cell production is supressed and the body has trouble developing new granulation tissue and blood vessels.

4. Frequent Digestive upset

Diarrhoea, Nausea, Stomach infection – 70% of our immune system cells live in the gut. If our immune system is depleted it is very easy for our digestive system to become imbalanced. Stomach infections, parasites and candida can flourish in the digestive system if there is not enough ‘Good’ Bacteria present. A healthy gut comprises of a wide variety of strains of Good Bacteria. These bacteria keep the balance in the gut – regulating bowel function and protecting us against infection. Diarrhoea and Nausea can be symptoms of a gut imbalance/infection.

5. Elevated Stress Levels 

Chronic long-term stress can decrease immune cell numbers and function, and increase active immunosuppressive mechanisms.

6. Fatigue

Your immune system may be trying hard to fight off harmful bacteria and parasites, leaving you tiring easily. Iron is a key mineral in the body having an adequate immune response. Iron is required for immune cell proliferation. For growing children, Women of child bearing age and Vegetarians/Vegans it is very important that there is adequate iron in the diet. Vegetarian sources of iron are much harder for the body to absorb, so if you are vegetarian/vegan you might want to get your iron levels checked by your GP and supplement if necessary. Teaming iron rich leafy greens with fruits and vegetables high in Vitamin C will also help the absorption of dietary iron.

7. Inflammation

Is an immune system response to harmful pathogens in the body. Low-grade chronic inflammation can lead to low levels of white blood cells and lowered immunity.