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If you are a migraine sufferer, you might ask yourself; “what are some of the things I can do to help my migraine burden?”

Here are some strategies that may help prevent or alleviate migraines;

  1. Cold compresses applied to forehead and eyes

    lying down in a darkened room with little (or very little) noise and absence of odour. In effect, isolation can be very helpful during a full-blown migraine attack.

  2. Magnesium supplements

    migraine sufferers tend to have low serum magnesium (which can be tested). Magnesium reduces tension in the neck and shoulders and can have surprising effects in reducing attacks and also relieving acute episodes. Magnesium counteracts vasospasm and also has a positive effect on mitochondrial metabolism.

  3. Stabilise blood glucose levels by eating good quality proteins regularly

    There are supplements such as chromium and gymnema, fenugreek and some good formulas to help regulate glucose metabolism.

  4. Stay hydrated!

    Not enough water leads to dehydration and even minor dehydration can bring on a headache or trigger a migraine. Adding electrolytes to water is a good idea, especially when living North Queensland – in the hot and humid tropics.

  5. Book an appointment with your Naturopath

    to identify any food intolerances, triggers, digestion issues and more. The naturopath can then do appropriate testings and draw up a treatment plan for you as an individual. They will also recommend quality practitioner supplements and an elimination protocol to assist you on your path to migraine-free living.

  6. Rest!

    A lack of sleep and too much sleep can be a triggering factor. Try to get between 7 and 9 hours sleep every night. Turn off those computer screens and phones as the EMR exposure can keep your brain turning for a long time inducting too much stimulation – whether it’s what you’re reading or even running through the day’s events contribute to sleepless nights. In other words, develop a good sleep hygiene plan, a nice warm bath, a good book, regular bed time (preferably by 10pm, or even earlier) and any other relaxing activities that wind you down, ready for a nice deep sleep.

Migraines are a very complex condition and a terrible silent burden for sufferers, but with a multi-pronged approach, your local Calanna Naturopath can develop an individual plan and help to alleviate this chronic condition.