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We are well and truly into Summer so here are some top tips from our Wholehealth team to get you through this scorching time of year!

Stay hydrated

Water is the best source of hydration and you should be aiming for between 2 and 3 litres a day. But when it’s this hot, or you are engaging in outdoor or physical activities, it helps to replenish your electrolytes with a hydration drink like Hydralyte.

Protect Yourself From the Sun

This is relevant all year round but is especially important at this time of the year.
Apply sunblock with at least SPF 30 and reapply throughout the day. If you have sensitive skin or prefer chemical free sunscreen there are a range of options so there is no excuse to not wear sunscreen. Wear light coloured clothing and make sure the material is thick enough to protect you from the sun. Schedule any physical or outdoor activities in the early morning or late afternoon and try to avoid long periods outdoors between 10am and 3pm.

Keep the Bities at Bay

Mozzies and flies are at their best in this environment so make sure you are stocked up to protect yourself with repellents. Read the labels and choose a repellent that is best for your skin. There are plenty of chemical free options that are just as effective as the traditional brands we all know and also work to repel midges and ticks. Ask one of our pharmacists about the types of natural products we stock.

Stay fresh

The heat can put a dampener on our appetites and we can’t have ice-cream for dinner every night so get creative in the kitchen with fresh cold foods. There are plenty of healthy cool and refreshing meal ideas online, just ask google. And while you are in the kitchen, fill up your water bottles half way and pop them in the freezer. Fill the rest up with tap water in the morning and you have cold water for the day all sorted.

Plan to be Healthy

Heading out for the day to get the kids off devices is a great idea but can be counteracted by grabbing unhealthy takeaways or snacks and/or overexposure to the sun. Prepare before you head out by bagging grapes, berries, nuts, celery or carrot sticks. If you are super prepared bake up some mini quiches or boil some eggs for easy to grab healthy treats while you are on the go. Also make sure you keep hats, sunscreen and repellent in the car so you always have it on hand.

Stay Water Safe 

Splashing around in pools or local swimming holes is a must in summer especially when we can’t swim at the beach…so take care around water to make sure you keep each-other safe.  Always supervise children and if you haven’t already make sure you teach them how to swim properly. Swimming lessons really are a must when we live on the coast and around so many great creeks and rivers. While we are getting a bit of rain it is also important to be aware of the dangers of flash flooding and submerged logs at our favourite water holes and take the relevant precautions.


That’s it from us – so stay safe, and also don’t forget to have fun!