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5 ways to stay healthy this flu season

With all the concern around coronavirus over the last two years, we have almost forgotten about influenza. But in 2019, 900 Australians died from influenza. So while we are right to be concerned about coronavirus, we must not forget that the annual ‘flu season is about to start.

Not every case of the sniffles is the flu. Influenza is a serious illness that is one of the leading causes of hospitalisation in children under 5 and of serious concern in the elderly. So how can you avoid it?

  1. Get vaccinated. The 2021 influenza vaccine will start to be distributed over the coming months. The vaccine is safe, effective, cheap and your best chance at avoiding influenza. Many people are eligible for a free vaccine from your doctor. If you are not able to receive a free flu shot, ask us about getting vaccinated at a Calanna Pharmacy, without the inconvenience of the doctor’s waiting room.
  2. Wash your hands. Despite the high death rate in 2019, 2020 only saw 37 influenza related deaths in Australia. That is no doubt due to many factors (like increased vaccine uptake) but also to improved hand hygiene. If you can’t access a sink with running water, remember to carry an alcohol hand sanitiser with you.
  3. Boost your immune system. Our naturopaths are ready and waiting to chat with you about an immune support supplement tailored to you. Vitamin C is not the only option available to help keep you healthy.
  4. Avoid touching your face when out and about. You can catch influenza by picking up an object that an infected person has recently touched. What do you touch when you go out? The shopping trolley, the petrol bowser, the door handle, the ATM. Keep yourself safe by cleaning your hands after touching these things before you touch your face.
  5. Stay home, stay safe. If you’re unwell, please stay at home. Even if you know it is not coronavirus there are still many other viruses which can cause serious harm to other people. Help stop the spread, and stay home instead.