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Almost 2 years into the Covid-19 pandemic the boundary lines in Queensland have begun to shift. Borders have recently opened and restrictions have begun for those who are not vaccinated. If you’re still questioning your need to be vaccinated, here are 5 reasons why you should.

1. The vaccines are safe.

Globally almost 8.5 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered and serious adverse effects remain low. Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration handles the reporting of adverse effects and has received approximately 2.1 reports of adverse effects for every 1000 vaccinations. This represents only 0.2% of vaccinations.

2. The vaccines are effective.

A quick read of the NSW Health Covid-19 surveillance report shows a startling difference in the rate of infections between those vaccinated and those not. From 16 June until 27 November (the most recent report available at this time) only 9.2% of infections occurred in those who were fully vaccinated. But a staggering 48.6% of infections occurred in those who had no vaccinations.

If you include the number of people who were ineligible for vaccination (ie. too young) or those who could not confirm their vaccination status, this becomes 81.9% of infections occurred in those who were unvaccinated. Compared with 9.2% among those vaccinated. Similar statistics can also be seen among those who needed care in the ICU.

3. The vaccines are encouraged.

As of December 17th 2021 there are limitations on where unvaccinated people can work, eat, shop, and enjoy sport or music. Regardless of how we feel about these restrictions, it seems they are here to stay for a while.

4. The vaccines change the rules.

From January 2022 there will be a change in the quarantine requirements for close contacts of known Covid cases. Being vaccinated will reduce your quarantine time and reduce the number of tests you need to have after being exposed to Covid. This will mean more time back doing the things you want and less time being stuck at home.

5. Getting vaccinated is easy.

All it takes is 2 minutes filling out a booking request on our website and then a short trip to your local community pharmacy.

But what about Omicron? Yes, the coming wave of Omicron will most likely change the shape of the pandemic. And while we are still waiting on more data to come from current outbreaks, a recent study from South Africa has shown that Pfizer vaccination is still highly effective (70%) against preventing severe Covid requiring hospitalisation. Vaccination is also somewhat effective (33%) at reducing the spread of Omicron. This is why booster doses are required. Booster doses ‘top up’ the immune response to Covid and make sure that any waning immunity is counteracted.

*The above data is accurate as at December 17th 2021. Please check local government websites for updates.