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Have you had your flu vaccine yet?

Did you know most Calanna pharmacies are now set up to offer the flu vaccine to people without the need to see the doctor? That means no more crowded waiting rooms, just a simple online booking form. Plus, we provide you with an invoice if you need to claim a reimbursement, for proof of vaccination we’ll provide a statement of immunisation on the spot, and we’ll add the details to your official immunisation record for future reference.

Perhaps you’re not sure if you need to get your flu vaccination. Here are the top three reasons you really should book in to see us for that vaccination.

  1. It’s not just the common cold. Since the emergence of the coronavirus most people have a much better understanding that not all viruses are the same. Just like not every cough is coronavirus, so too not every runny nose is the flu. The flu is much more than a runny nose, normally characterised by a sudden onset of symptoms including fevers, chills and extreme fatigue.* It is more than just an annoyance, it’s the sort of illness that keeps you in bed for a few days. A simple, safe vaccine can prevent all of this.
  2. It can be serious. Flu complications include pneumonia or bronchitis, and many people are hospitalised every year. In fact, in 2019, our last serious flu season, over 900 people died and over 3000 were hospitalised. People with other chronic illnesses, young children under 5, adults over 65, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and pregnant women are known to be most at risk of severe complications. These people are encouraged to see their GP for a free vaccine.
  3. It’s not just about the flu. This year, particularly, is not the year we want to see an influenza pandemic. As coronavirus ravages some of our closest neighbours and our vaccine programs are still being re-written, we can’t afford another outbreak. We can’t let our hospital wards be full of influenza patients with coronavirus remaining such a threat. The implications for people catching influenza and coronavirus close together while still weak from one infection (or even at the same time!) could be dramatic. In fact, the influenza pandemic of 2009 is the last time most of us can remember schools closing over fear of a virus. So, this is the time to do everything we can to prevent flu causing a problem in our communities.


*So yes, a flu vaccine will not prevent you from getting “sick” for the rest of the year. It will only protect you against the most common flu viruses and not the common cold. But it can prevent you from catching a very serious virus and spending a week or more trying to recover.