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Your Calanna Wholehealth Pharmacies are always looking for ways to make managing your medications easier. We know life is busy. MedAdvisor is an app which makes managing your medications so much simpler. Here’s why:

  1. Have you found yourself looking for your script only to remember you used the final repeat last month? Medadvisor can help you track which scripts are running out so you have plenty of time to book a new appointment with your doctor to get a new script.
  2. Worse still, have you ever gone all the way into the pharmacy to get your medication before being told your script has expired? Our Click and Collect service will send you a notification – before your script expires – so you can avoid the hassle.
  3. Multiple medications? No worries. Easily track repeats and medications remaining. You can even check when you last filled your script. Don’t forget that we can also package your medicines free of charge into easy daily doses with our medication packing service.
  4. Have you lost your script before? Or forgotten that you left it on file? With your script safe on file with us, and with reminders on your phone, you will never forget where you put that pesky piece of paper again.
  5. Do you manage medications for someone else? Your parent or your child? You can see your scripts and theirs in one easy place.
  6. What about e-prescriptions? The app can track your e-prescriptions too. And if you are one of the many people who now have a confusing mix of e-prescriptions and paper prescriptions, MedAdvisor really is the easiest way to keep it all in one place.
  7. Short on time or don’t want to linger in the pharmacy? Order online when you need something and just wait for the confirmation that we’ve got it ready. Then all you need to do is pop in and grab your order. We can even deliver it to you free of charge with our Calanna Couriers.
  8. Need a non-prescription item too? Easy. Just add it to your order, we’ll find it for you and put it with your prescriptions for easy collection or delivery.
  9. Are you sending someone else in to collect your scripts? With the app on your phone, you have easy control over what scripts are dispensed meaning less miscommunications when you’re not able to come to the pharmacy in person.
  10. Did you know you can pay before you pick up too? We’ll finalise your order then contact you with the total price to be paid before you arrive. This can make sending a different person to collect your medications even easier.
  11. Can’t leave the house? Most stores can offer no-contact delivery. With your scripts on file you can send through your order, pay for it securely, then have it arrive at your door right when you need it.
  12. Need a little reminder to take your medications? The MedAdvisor app can even send you reminder notifications when you are due to take your medications.

So as you can see, Calanna’s Click and Collect service through the MedAdvisor app is an incredible tool to help you manage your medications that also saves you time and sanity. Sign up today here.