Modern medication management is made easy with Calanna’s free Medication Packing Service

Our free Medication Packing Service (MPS) packs your medication into daily doses in individual, easy-to-tear-open packets that you can tear off and take with you, wherever you go. This safe, quality-controlled service will save you time and convenience so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Our MPS sachet packs are managed by TGA licensed laboratories to ensure absolute quality control. Not only does that mean there are more robust and safer systems in place when packing your medicine. It also means your medicines are not an inconvenience or obvious to take out and about. 

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Staged Supply

Calanna Pharmacy can now work with your Doctor to offer “Staged Supply”. This is a service we provide that involves the Pharmacist supplying medicines in periodic instalments at an agreed time interval.

This service is useful if you find it difficult to take the correct amount of your medicines, especially if you are trying to decrease the dose of a certain medication.

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