Never Misplace Your Scripts Again

An e-script is a digital version of a prescription – paperless and convenient. At the consultation with your doctor you may be asked whether you would like to receive a paper script or an e-script. If you choose the e-script option, you will be sent a link via email or SMS. This link will allow you to view your prescription which will be a QR code, and then you can add it to your Medadvisor app.

Downloading the Medadvisor app from Google Play or the App Store is a simple and effective way to manage your e-scripts. Once you have registered and selected your local Calanna Pharmacy, you will be able to view all your e-scripts in one secure place. Within the app you can save time by using ‘tap-to-refill’ to order your prescription in advance and choose between pick-up or delivery.

If you require help from a carer or family member to manage your e-scripts or pick up your medication, there is a ‘Carer Mode’ within the app. Concerned about privacy? Not to worry, this service has been designed with a high level of security and the e-scripts are encrypted, therefore cannot be accessed by anyone without your consent.

You no longer need to worry about losing your prescription or bringing it with you to the pharmacy. Paper scripts are also still valid if this is your preferred method.

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If you have any further questions on how to manage your e-scripts, please ask one of our friendly pharmacists at Calanna

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