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Calanna supports people with a range of chronic conditions

We understand the complexity of managing one, or multiple chronic conditions. We work with your health care team to support you toward better health. Ensuring medications and treatments are administered on time and at the right dose is a big part of our qualified Pharmacists’ role. Having studied pharmacology as the core scientific subject for their profession, and with ongoing professional development support, our pharmacists are more than qualified to understand how your medicines will interact with your body and what is needed to pursue the best health outcome.

National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) and our role

Calanna is a registered provider for the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) as a community pharmacy. That means we provide support services and specialist products for people with diabetes. Find out more on our dedicated NDSS page HERE

Pain management

We also believe in helping people as best we can to pursue a better quality of life. Living with chronic pain can be debilitating which is why we offer a specialist innovative service to work with you GP and other health providers to do the best we can to reduce the burden of your condition. PainWISE is an pharmacy specific service developed to support people living with persistent pain within the community. It is the first Pharmacy Professional Service program for pain management that is available conveniently within pharmacies and we have trained staff in most of our locations to support you with this service. PainWISE aligns consistently with evidence based approaches and is consistent with the International Association of the Study of Pain and you can discuss this service with our North Cairns, Woree and Edmonton stores in Cairns or our Kirwan, Aitkenvale and Deeragun stores in Townsville. For more information on how PainWISE works, take a look at our dedicated PainWISE page HERE.

Multiple medication management and support

Often when people are dealing with multiple chronic conditions they need to take multiple medications. It can be hard to keep on top of and to know what combinations will work best and at what times. At Calanna we provide a free Medscheck service to ensure you are managing your multiple medications most effectively. We also offer medication packing and provide a free MPS medication packing service through most of our stores. MPS medication packing is done through rolls of tear away packs and has many benefits not the least of which is convenience and better quality control. Find our more about our FREE Medschecks HERE  and FREE MPS Medication packing HERE.