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Medication management is not something many people consider. But given how many people lose scripts, can’t remember what they take or simply forget their daily medications I know it’s an area people struggle with. Here’s a few pointers to help.

Always keep a list in your wallet.

This is not just for the day you have a car accident. What if you go on holidays and forget your tablets? Or you have an allergic reaction to an insect bite and when you rush into the nearest pharmacy you can’t remember what other tablets you’re taking? You can make your own list, or better still ask your doctor or pharmacist to prepare one for you.

Learn the drug names of your medications.

Brand names of medications change. Some medications may have twelve different generic brands! But if you can learn the drug name of your medication – which will never change – you can protect yourself from taking the wrong medication or even duplicating doses of the right tablet.

Choose one pharmacy

If you have a regular pharmacy we can help you in so many ways. We check for interactions, ensure you’re not taking duplicated medications, we can hold your scripts on file so they’re not lost and so much more. Make your life a little easier but letting us do some of the work.

There’s an app for that

The Medadvisor app gives you an easy way to view your medications and what scripts you have available. It can even allow you to pay in advance for your medication so it’s ready when you arrive.

Get a free medication review.

In clinical studies examining the affect of multiple medications on people’s health, the main intervention used to improve their overall quality of life was a pharmacist review. Take some time to sit down with one of our pharmacists for a medication review and have them answer all your questions. The best part is it’s free!

Arrange a medication pack

Calanna Pharmacies want to make sure your medications are easy to manage. That’s why we offer free medication roll packs. It doesn’t matter if you have one medication or fifteen – it’s free for everyone.

Invest in a MyDNA test

The MyDNA medication test allows you to know how your genes impact on your medication. Some people may need higher or lower doses of medication based on their specific genetically encoded enzyme activity. Take the guess work out and find the best medication for you the first time.

Managing scripts and medications is tricky. We understand that. Next time you’re in store just ask your local pharmacist to suggest a solution that suits you.