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  • Get educated.

Start looking for information that can help you understand your pain. You are your greatest health advocate. Start by reading through websites such as Pain Australia and Chronic Pain Australia for information and for services in your area. Understanding your pain can help you plan better ways to live with and manage the pain.

  • Get a MyDNA test.

Finding the best medications to treat your pain – especially nerve pain – can be a process of trial and error. If your GP is starting to search for better options a MyDNA test can help pinpoint which medications may be more likely to give you relief. It helps to take out some of the guess work.

  • Stick with one pharmacy.

It is common to trial more than one medication for people with chronic pain. And often doses can change over time. Choosing one pharmacy and keeping them informed with your current treatment can help prevent you from getting confused about the different dosages. Plus, with a full understanding of all your medications, your pharmacist is the perfect person to ask any questions you might have forgotten to ask the doctor.

  • See a naturopath.

There are many different facets to chronic pain and people can be reluctant to take long-term medication because they are worried about the side effects. Your naturopath can help by recommending natural medicines to supplement your prescriptions drugs and possibly reduce your need for stronger pain relievers.

  • Think outside the box.

The ways to treat chronic pain are so varied. Medications alone are rarely enough to treat the pain. A holistic approach to chronic pain will consider physio, massage, acupuncture, diet, weight loss, emotional support, exercise, and relaxation techniques. There are various support groups available, some of which are based online and put you in touch with other people in your same situation.  


Chronic pain can be difficult to treat. But don’t let that tempt you into giving up. A holistic approach looking at all aspects of your life can have great benefits. Chronic pain is a medical condition. And just like other medical conditions you may need time to find the best mix of treatments to suit you.