We help you live better with your chronic condition

You choose one Doctor, so choose one Pharmacy

Almost 50% of Australians are affected by one or more chronic conditions.

Your condition already makes everyday life more difficult, it’s important for you to have support, and managing your medications and finding options to help your condition naturally can really help.
Have you ever felt the panic of losing an important script or missing a dose of medication after hours?
Are you wanting some natural options to help you with your symptoms?
Are you confused by your medications, and worried about the medications you are taking?
Have you got too many medications to take and you are tired of remembering which medications you have taken? Or worst, dropping tablets while you sort them into your own medicine box with your daily doses?

We can help.

It’s so important to have one pharmacy to work with if you have a chronic condition. We can help you with:

Medication mishaps
We have your medication history to ensure you aren’t taking medicines that interact negatively together.
We can help when you’ve lost or missed a script.
Save money
We help you get the most from the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme.

Feel confident you have the right support for your condition 

Living with a chronic condition can be hard, but we’re here to help take some of the weight off your shoulders. Here are 3 great bonuses if you let us look after you

Our 10 pharmacies across Queensland have convenient opening hours to ensure we can support you in your time of need. 

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Diabetes Support

Calanna is a registered provider for the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) as a community pharmacy. That means we provide support services and specialist products for people with diabetes.


Chronic Pain Support

PainWISE is an pharmacy specific service developed to support people living with persistent pain within the community. It is the first Pharmacy Professional Service program for pain management that is available conveniently within pharmacies and we have trained staff in most of our locations to support you with this service. 


Compression Garment Fittings 

At Calanna Whole Health Kirwan we have an in store Nurse available to fit the right compression stocking properly the first time. Whether you have already purchased your compression garment or still need to do so we not only provide advice and fittings but we also stock a wide range of clinical compression garments to help better manage your circulation. Your GP can refer you to have your garment fitted or refitted. Or you can make an appointment yourself to pop in store for the service.


Medication Checks 

Get clarity on all of your medication questions, find out if your medications are working as best as possible for you, get an action plan on how to best manage your medications.


DNA Wellness test 

The MyDNA wellness test helps identify which medications are most suited to your unique DNA. Results are valid for life even when new medications come onto the market your profile will be updated. Maximise medication benefits and minimise side effects. Chat with your pharmacists and a Naturopath to discuss results and action plan report for your Doctor.


FREE Medication Packing 

Are you tired of thinking about what medications to take when and organising them into doses? We can package your medications into easy tear open packets that you can take with you wherever you go giving you absolute quality control on your medication. Saves you time and convenience. Never miss a medicine dose again!


Calanna pahramcy MedPacking_ med roll
Calanna Pharmacy - Keeping my family healthy

The more educated you are, the more peace of mind you can have

At Calanna, your health comes first and foremost.
We believe everyone should have access to great healthcare, that’s why our MedsCheck, Medication Packing and Click & Collect delivery services are completely free.

Our face to face dispensing model means you can chat directly to our Pharmacists for any further questions you might have.
For over 45 years, our goal has been to help you pursue more from your life, we’d love you to Choose Calanna to be part of your health care team to look after you.