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9 Makeup Techniques That Can Age You and Your Skin

1. Not using a primer

Applying foundation without a primer can contribute to fine lines looking more pronounced in addition to creasing, textured skin and large pores peeking through.

2. Heavy, full-coverage foundation

Opting for a higher coverage foundation puts a spotlight on your skin concerns and is more prone to sinking into fine lines. A lighter base is better for mature skin.

3. Too much powder

Setting powders can exaggerate fine lines and contribute to makeup creasing, so avoid it all together if your skin’s dry. For those prone to shine, apply a light dusting over your T-zone with a fluffy brush, but avoid heavier handed application

4. Heavy concealer

Caking on concealer underneath your eyes might camouflage those dark circles, but it can also accentuate the fine lines under your eyes. To avoid drawing unwanted attention to wrinkles, apply concealer only on the inner half of your under-eye area.

5. Bold brows

If you have light and fine brows, it can be tempting to use a heavy hand with your brow pencil. But severe and unblended brows can make you look older than you might want, so use your brow pencil lightly and then blend it with a brush afterward for softer, more natural looking lines.

6. Dark eyeshadow in the wrong place and lining the lower lid

Take care not to apply dark shadows over the whole lid area – this will make you look visibly older. The right thing to do is to only dab the outer corners of your eyes.  Applying dark eyeliner to your lower lid makes your eyes look narrow. To counteract the effect, use a light makeup pencil.

7. Over-highlighting

Shimmery highlighter not only accentuates the high points of your face but can draw unwanted attention to fine lines, dryness and ageing skin.  Cream and matte illuminators are kinder to mature and textured skin.

8. Bold blush on the apples of the cheeks

Take care to apply blushes to the upper part of your cheeks, not the central part. As we become more mature, we have to adapt to the changes our skin goes through. Instead of trying to accentuate the central zone, try dabbing blush on the upper cheekbones, not too close to the nose area. Using natural tones will make your face look younger and give it a romantic glow. Also, putting blush on your cheekbones should have a localised lifting effect.

9. Lipstick Bleeding

Lipstick can begin to bleed more as you get older, because fine lines around the mouth stop your lipstick from staying in place. Use a primer to start off your latest lip look, and finish it off with lip gloss. The gloss will secure your look and prevent your lipstick from bleeding.