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It is recommended that Mascara gets discarded every 3 months as it comes in contact with the eyes. The constant opening and closing of the tube can cause bacteria build up and eye irritation or infection. Signs to look out for expired mascara are a strong smell and the mascara becomes dry and flaky.


The hard waxy layer of lipstick usually stays for about a year. After the expiry date the waxy layer tends to trap bacteria and can cause irritation and damage to your lips.  A key sign that your lipstick has expired is a strong / off smell.


After the expiry date, foundation starts to break down and preservatives in them stop working resulting in the growth of bacteria. Using your foundation past the expiry can result in breakouts, irritation or infection.  Foundations can oxidise and separate – resulting in a darker appearance and uneven application.


Eyeliner tends to last longer before expiring than mascara, but it still runs the risk of germ contamination if you use it past its expiration. In order to avoid developing any sort of eye irritation or infection, it’s best to just say goodbye to any old eyeliners.


When powder blush expires it will become hard and have a poor application. It may be possible to use certain powder products past their expiration date – as long as they don’t have water, oils, or humectants that provide the preferred moist environment where germs and bacteria tend to thrive. For the most part, your powder blushes should be fine even after they reach their expiration date. Keep an eye on cream cheek-products for separation, mold, and smell.


When powder eyeshadow expires, it is only likely to become hard and not have as smooth an application. As eye shadows are used close to your eyes, just remember to examine them for the warning signs; such as smell, change in texture and colour – so you’ll know when to stop using them.