6 Signs of Expired MakeupBeauty
June 3, 2021

6 Signs of Expired Makeup

Mascara It is recommended that Mascara gets discarded every 3 months as it comes in contact with the eyes. The constant opening and closing of the tube can cause bacteria…
9 Makeup Techniques That Can Age YouBeauty
May 27, 2021

9 Makeup Techniques That Age You

9 Makeup Techniques That Can Age You and Your Skin 1. Not using a primer Applying foundation without a primer can contribute to fine lines looking more pronounced in addition…
The 9 Best Natural Makeup Options for Your SkinBeauty
May 27, 2021

The Best 9 Natural Makeup Options

The 9 Best Natural Makeup Options for Your Skin 1. Inika Radiant Glow This multi-tasking primer leaves skin silky smooth with a dewy, satin-like It primes the skin for flawless…
calanna-whole-health-pharmacy-awesome-anti-ageing-antioxidantsBeautyGeneral Health
February 19, 2021

9 awesome anti-ageing antioxidants

WHAT ARE ANTIOXIDANTS? Antioxidants are compounds that neutralise free radicals. A Free Radical is a molecule that has lost a part of its structure and is therefore unbalanced. This is…