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Personalised Medicine for Your Pets

At Calanna Pharmacy, we care for the whole family – including our furry friends!

Sometimes, just like us, animals can’t use typical medications and creams to treat their conditions. If your animal has a special or rare condition, intolerance, skin condition, allergies or dietary requirements, we can help.

At our Woree pharmacy, our Medical Compounding service allows us to create custom medications and creams to deal with the most specialist medical needs of your pet. We have been working heavily in the Medical Compounding space for both people and pets for years, so you can rest assured your pets’ needs are in good hands.

Ask us today how we can help make your pet’s life more comfortable with our tailored creams and medicines. Call, email or drop in to our Woree store today. (link to Woree contact deets)


Pet Products

Just like us, sometimes our pets can become undernourished and need a natural boost to get back on track. Our pharmacies in Cairns and Atherton stock a range of products to help your pets whole health.
These include; 

  • Vitamin & mineral supplements
  • Natural alternative to flea and tick wash
  • Whole health foods for animals 
  • Supplements to help address anxiety and other ailments that animals can suffer from 

Call your local Calanna Pharmacy today for any questions or to check stock availability.